YouTube Video Marketing

Engage, Inspire, Activate

Our team of YouTube experts will harness the power of YouTube advertising to grow your brand and increase awareness. Reach your demographic during their commute, while browsing on their phone, at work, or even while watching TV in their living room.

YouTube is a powerful tool that can influence the consideration of your products or services, in order to generate more business.

Present your brand and speak to viewers at the moment they’re ready and willing to pay attention, across every stage of their consumer journey.

Why use video advertising?
  • Showcase your latest content and get more views
  • Grow your brand and awareness
  • Boost consideration of your products or services
  • Create social engagement
  • Tell your story through sequential videos
  • Drive website traffic and increase leads
How SearchKings can help
  • Reach your goals

    Whether you want to achieve higher sales, drive website traffic, get more views of your videos, or build awareness of your business, video advertising is a powerful tool for getting your message out.

  • Target the right audience

    Influence new and returning users on YouTube by targeting audiences, demographics, placements, remarketing lists, and more.

  • Measure your success

    Are you looking for a wider brand reach? More unique views? Consideration for a new product or service? Determine whether you’re reaching the right audience, monitor views, engagements and cost, and much more.

Impact of the journey
  • 70%+ of viewers say YouTube makes them more aware of new brands
  • 50%+ of shoppers say online videos helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy
  • 70%+ of viewers say they bought a brand as a result of seeing a YouTube ad
Skippable In-Stream Ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads play like a TV-style commercial before, during or after the video you're watching
  • Viewers will see 5 seconds of your video before having the option to skip the rest
  • Pay when viewers watch 30 seconds of your video (or all if it's shorter) on the YouTube watch page, partner websites and apps
In-Feed Video Ads
  • Use these ads to promote your content in places of discovery
  • Your video can appear on YouTube search results, alongside related videos and on the mobile YouTube homepage
  • You’ll only be charged when viewers choose to watch your ad by clicking on it
Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads
  • Use non-skippable ads when you want viewers to see your entire message without skipping (up to 15 seconds)
  • Use bumper ads when you want to reach viewers broadly with a short, memorable message (6 seconds)
  • Both ad types can play before, during and after other videos on YouTube, partner websites and apps

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