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Microsoft Advertising® (formerly Bing Ads®) is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system that allows companies to reach potential customers as they’re actively searching for their services. Adding Microsoft Advertising to your digital marketing strategy gives you access to millions of unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network (Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and more sites powered by Bing). As a rare ‘Elite Channel Partner’ of Microsoft, SearchKings can provide the best knowledge & experience with direct access to Microsoft support.

Microsoft Elite Channel Partner
Value of Microsoft Advertising
  • Expand the reach of your digital marketing by advertising to customers looking for your services on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and more sites powered by Bing
  • Target qualified business professionals with Microsoft's proprietary LinkedIn audience data
  • Don't miss out on US: 37% PC Search Share & CDN: 21% PC Search Share of the North American market available only on the Microsoft Search Network
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Value of Microsoft Advertising with SearchKings
  • Measure Microsoft Advertising account ROI in real time with the SearchKings Reporting App and Call Tracking
  • Maintain a consistent strategy across Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising with your SearchKings account manager
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a ‘Microsoft Advertising Elite Partner’ is focused on managing your campaign to deliver results while you focus on your business

Microsoft Advertising Account Management is included for all customers with a minimum SearchKings advertising budget of $3,000/month.

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