Google Ads Management

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” - Lord Kelvin

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google Search, Google Display, and through video with YouTube.

Google Ads allows advertisers to choose specific goals for their campaigns, like driving phone calls, completing form fills, or driving website visits. With a Google Ads account, advertisers can customize their budgets, target customers by location, bid on keywords, and do much, much more.

At SearchKings, we specialize in managing Google Ads campaigns. Whether your business spends $500 or $500,000 per month on advertising, our team of Google Ads professionals is here to help.

SearchKings is proud to work with over 5000 businesses across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Over the past 10 years, we have solidified our position as one of the largest and fastest-growing Google Ads companies in North America. Give us a call and find out how to supercharge your advertising and dominate online with SearchKings and Google.

Free Google Ads Account Evaluation

Running a search marketing campaign on Google can be expensive, especially if you don't have a plan. Google Ads was created to be user-friendly, and because of that, it is very easy to purchase broad keywords and blow your budget without generating a single call or email. Our job is to maximize every dollar spent on pay-per-click advertising, and to make sure that you only pay for quality website traffic and visitors.


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Non-Branded Lead Generation

Non-Branded keywords and search queries are today’s top drivers of traffic to your website. If you are not set up to handle and measure the quality of these queries, you can miss out on opportunities, or even worse, overspend in your campaigns.

At SearchKings, we will help you maximize every dollar spent online for your non-branded traffic, while making sure you are visible when your potential customers are ready to buy.

Broad Match
Broad Match Modified
Phrase Match
Exact Match
Negative Keywords

Keyword Tuning

Your keywords and ads must be finely tuned and focused on search results. Every click counts, which means it is crucial that you constantly audit your keywords and the traffic being driven to your website.

Keyword match types help control which searches on Google can trigger your ad. For example, you can use a broad match to show your ads to a wide audience, or you can use an exact match to hone in on specific groups of customers.

Each match type requires different bid strategies and ad copy. Conversion rates and other KPI’s need to be monitored throughout the campaign. One wrong move can bring up costs and destroy your target lead price or performance.


Do you know which keywords drive the best traffic to your site?

Call Tracking

With a fully integrated call tracking solution we are able to monitor, record, measure and score the calls generated through our advertising efforts. Combined with email form submission tracking, you will have full visibility into how your campaigns perform.


Our easy to use cross-platform, (Google Ads, Local Service Ads, Microsoft Ads) reporting application provides you with quick, real-time access to meaningful metrics for all of your accounts. We provide full transparency into where and how your PPC budget is allocated to ensure that our efforts are in line with your business objectives.

Easily listen to phone calls and review email leads generated from our campaigns. Score the results, input revenue figures, and help our team learn more about your business successes.

ROI Consulting

Making sense of your data and creating a strategy to help your business thrive is the most important aspect of the Red Plan. Discussing your cost per lead, cost per customer acquisition, and lifetime customer value are key when reviewing your return on investment. Your dedicated account manager is specifically trained to ensure you have all the data points you need to make informed decisions.


Specific geographic targeting is another way to focus your PPC Campaign, as people are searching locally now more than ever. It is essential that both your Keywords and Advertisements target local search.


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Settings & Experiments

There are a dozen more steps to follow when building a Google Ads Campaign which can be time consuming, even for the most organized business owner.


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