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Let SearchKings help your retail business set-up and manage Google & Microsoft Shopping campaigns. We can promote your online products or local inventory, boost traffic to your website or store, and generate more online sales.

How Shopping Ads Work

Shopping campaigns are the best way for you to organize, manage, bid and report on your products.

Shopping ads use your Merchant Centre product data - not keywords - to decide how and where to show your ads. The details contained in your product feed are used to match the user’s search to the most relevant products in your inventory.

There are a number of places shopping ads can appear across the Google & Microsoft ecosystems, including Google & Microsoft search results and Shopping tabs, as well as Google Search Partner websites and the Display network.

Just like other ad formats, your shopping ads participate in an auction for each relevant search.

At SearchKings, we will help you optimize your product feed and bidding strategies (Including the latest in smart bidding and automation) to help you achieve the maximum return on ad spend.

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