Google Premier Partner

“Guided by the expertise of our trusted partners like SearchKings, small and medium sized businesses can maximize the value and performance of their campaigns.”

— Ben Wood, head of Google’s Americas channel sales partnerships.

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program (PSP) connects Google’s trusted and experienced AdWords partners with small- and medium-sized businesses that want expert help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns. In addition to in-depth AdWords expertise, PSP partners provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support, and broad marketing guidance to help advertisers make the most of their campaigns.

Premier SMB Partners meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer service, which includes completing extensive Google product and account management training. This ensures they can provide small businesses with the most effective AdWords advertising solutions.

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Ben Wood — Director, Channel Sales Americas, Google

Google Digital
Breakfast Series

Our relationship with Google Partners goes far beyond our certifications and partner ranking.

On February 12, 2014 SearchKings held the first Canadian Digital Breakfast event at Google’s Head Office in Toronto.

Over 200 business owners from across the GTA attended the event and heard first hand from members of Google’s SMB marketing team why they should be working with a Google Partner like SearchKings.