Google Partner

As a featured Google Partner we currently manage Google Ads Campaigns for over 2000 clients across Canada, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

SearchKings has 19 Google Certified Individuals who specialize in
Search Advertising, and 5 team members who have completed
additional certifications both in Google Display Advertising and
YouTube Video Advertising.

Our standard reporting package includes weekly Google Analytics dashboard reports that clearly explain paid visits, paid phone calls, paid email leads and Google Ads spend metrics.

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Ben Wood — Director, Channel Sales Americas, Google

Google Digital
Breakfast Series

Our relationship with Google Partners goes far beyond our certifications and partner ranking.

On February 12, 2014 SearchKings held the first Canadian Digital Breakfast event at Google’s Head Office in Toronto.

Over 200 business owners from across the GTA attended the event and heard first hand from members of Google’s SMB marketing team why they should be working with a Google Partner like SearchKings.