Ontario Virtual School

Increased gross sales by 250% in 3 months



The issue

Ontario Virtual School (OVS), an online school offering Ontario Secondary School Diploma high school online courses, was looking for a strategy to increase overall eCommerce sales and capitalize on market share while maintaining a positive ROI.

The goals

Although OVS had a solid online presence for generic industry terms and keywords, they needed to own the buying funnel, add micro-conversion tracking, and build a stronger display and remarketing presence for their brand.

Increase Market Share

For course-specific searches

Maintain ROAS

Return on ad spend, above 5:1

Build Presence

Improve brand awareness

The approach

Campaign Segmentation

Segmenting campaigns by search intent allowed for budget efficiencies based on conversion rates and potential ROAS.

Bid Strategies

Using various bid strategies allowed for a gradual increase in budget while maintaining efficiency.

Ad Extensions

Due to the volume of courses, including Ad Extensions was essential to educate users and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking

Tracked eCommerce, calls, forms, and chat to effectively optimize campaigns based on where they were in the buying funnel.


SearchKings created a custom reporting dashboard to provide clear line of sight into campaign performance.

The results

+250% Gross Sales

Achieved within the first 3 months of launch

Improved ROAS

7:1 return on ad spend


Remarketing audience list growth

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