Barrows Levy

39% growth year-over-year



The issue

Barrows Levy, a highly-experienced New York law firm, was looking to stand out in the saturated market for matrimonial and family legal services in the NYC and Long Island area and grow their reach with specific legal services.

The goals

Like most law firms, Barrows Levy was looking for different avenues and strategies for growth.

Grow the brand

Create market presence in a highly-competitive region and market

Maximize ROI

Achieve the highest return on investment, given the cost to compete

Focused Acquisition

Clients needing matrimonial and family law services

barrows-levy Approach Section Image barrows-levy Approach Section Image

The approach

  • Created YouTube ads for retargeting for branding.
  • Used a combination of paid advertising across different mediums (Google, Microsoft, and more) to drive brand awareness for key search terms.
  • Geographically targeted areas and monitored and optimized campaigns to ensure target return on ad spend (ROAS) was achieved.

The results

SearchKings helped BarrowsLevy reach the next level with Google Analytics and AdWords.


Growth year-over-year

"The outcome was quicker and more successful than we could have imagined. We are now one of the top matrimonial and family law firms in NYC and Long Island, which is probably one of the most contested and saturated markets for business. SearchKings helped us stand out and above the rest, and growth has been 25-50% year or year. I would recommend SearchKings to anyone in need of expansion, client retention, sustainability, marketing and branding of business needs. I consider SearchKings as our silent partner, and I don't know if we would be where we are today without them. Their service and partnership with us have been invaluable." -Itamar Levy (Barrows Levy, PLLC)

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