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Measured Success

The Google Local Services team at SearchKings have been exactly what I have been looking for. I have known about SearchKings for years, but I never pulled the trigger. I now see that was a mistake. Quick, easy and professional. These guys have made the process very simple. Just what I needed. Looking forward to building this relationship with them.


Our business has been very impressed with SearchKings. We continue to see all of our campaigns improve, and we've really enjoyed our discussions with their team members.

Evan G

I've been dealing with SearchKings for over a year now, and they are great. I previously managed my own campaigns, but after handing the reins over to SearchKings, I can see how much potential there was to optimize things and track them.

Adrian G

SearchKings and its account management team is highly responsive to my business needs. They are constantly refining my ad campaigns to maximize the relevancy of leads. They have added substantial value to my business and I would recommend their services!

Jeff G

I have been a client of SearchKings for a couple of years now. They have exceeded my expectations. Not only in measurable results but in customer service as well.

Steve C

I have been working with SearchKings for 5 years and they are amazing. They are always there to listen to their customer's needs and make changes as needed to provide the best service. Their response time and customer service is excellent.

Tejal M

Amazing service with SearchKings. Our leads increased by 250% in the first 3 months! We also appreciate that they are always available to answer any questions we have. Would highly recommend their services for online marketing.

Elizabeth K

SearchKings is simply the best at what they do. When I first started my business, they guided me in everything I needed to know about online advertising and I had great success with them. If you're looking for a company to take care of your online marketing try these guys, the best and most successful experience you can have.

Michael T

I have been working with search kings for over a year. So far it has been great. Really helped with my business as well. I feel they have become a partner of mine, not just a lead generator. If I have questions I am always just a phone call away from my account manager.

Jonathan P

I have been a customer of SearchKings for years now and I have been very impressed and extremely satisfied with their service and the people making the magic happen. Yesterday, I got the opportunity to meet another member of the team that works on my business, Demetra and she was wonderful.

Lindsay G

Working with SearchKings has been great! They are highly professional and responsible and very quick. They have been a great asset to us. And we look forward to doing more work with them. Thank you again SearchKings!

Sally T

I've been working with Ryan, Neil, Matthew, Greg and the team over at SearchKings for over a year now and have to say that in my 10 years of digital it's been tough to find anyone who understands and executes paid search like these guys. They're the gold standard of AdWords service providers and highly recommend them to any of our clients.

Noah P

SearchKings made a huge difference for my business 4 years ago. The people working there are professional and will help you make the right decisions. They are very experienced, helpful and passionate about their business and yours.

Mike M

I am learning how to use our Google Guarantee software. Had some problems and Jamie was VERY helpful. Responding quickly and solving my issues. Thank you so much Jamie

Art N

SearchKings is an excellent internet marketing service. They provide outstanding service, are quick to process changes and answer questions, and have done an excellent job of managing my marketing campaign for years.

Holly N

I highly recommend Jamie and am happy to give 5 stars for the outstanding service he provided. Thanks again for your expertise!

Shanizel D

Been working with Greg for 7 months now. Very happy with our google ppc program, it is responsible for a huge portion of our work. Very satisfied with SearchKings. Thanks guys!

Geremy H

Responsive and very knowledgeable team. I trust the SearchKings team to properly optimize where I need it and not spend my budget just for the sake of it! They have my company's best interest in-mind!

Corey B

John is great. He's done an awesome job of onboarding us, figuring out the different changes to optimize our footprint and campaigns and keeping a close tab on what we spend. Thank you!

Kosta T

Best PPC company you can spend your hard earned dollars on! They get you maximum results & they are very proactive with their clients.

Omar A

I have really enjoyed working with SearchKings. They are extremely responsive and professional. Jamie has made the process very simple.

Shawn W

I have been working with SearchKings for the last 3 years. Ryan and his team from Search Kings are passionate about helping others. When a mistake is made or something that needs to be corrected they are totally on the ball and responsive. I will gladly refer them to my business colleagues that are looking for Adwords marketing.

Peter P

Our company uses the services of SearchKings, and we are very pleased with the results. They have campaign reporting that is easy to review, plus further options to dig into greater details on campaign results as desired.

Ron W

We have been using SearchKings for the last 4 years and are very happy with their service and our results. I highly recommend them.

Arie R

Even though these folks are in Canada, they provide a great service for me, Mr Rooter Plumbing of Savannah, GA. I managed my own PPC prior to SearchKings becoming a preferred provider to Mr. Rooter Plumbing. SearchKings cut my PPC by 75%. I reach more people for a lot less money. Neil is my rep and he is very responsive and puts up with all of my silly, misinformed questions. Highly recommend!

Mark J

Jamie has made my life so much easier! He is polite and concise and there to help any time the blonde kicks in and I'm stuck. I'm looking forward to growing with Jamie & the SK Team!!

Aimee S


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