Website Design

Beautiful and engaging websites to drive conversions

A landing page is the destination page on which you want visitors to enter your website. Getting customers to your website is the easy part; proper landing page design will get them to stay on your site, and convince them to follow through with a particular action.

At SearchKings, we welcome the opportunity to run A/B/C/D split testing with our clients, continually testing and analyzing website landing pages in order to measure and improve conversion rates and increase customer ROI.

Microsite Design

When designing a website for paid search traffic, you must keep in mind the four main factors that influence conversions.

  • Site Navigation
  • Website Speed
  • Calls To Action
  • Mobile Ready

A paid click is very different from a referral, organic or direct visit. Since you are paying for each visit from Google, you must maximize your opportunity for success.

At SearchKings we build our clients a micro-site or miniature version of their main website and focus on the core aspects of their product or service offering. Microsite design allows us to maintain a much higher level of control over our AdWords Campaigns. Conversion tracking is the foundation for running a successful internet advertising campaign. Our job is to make sure that our Google AdWords campaigns are tracked perfectly, so that we can deliver exact ROI figures for clients.